Private coaching

1Sesh - $75  or 5Pack - $325 or 10Pack - $650

This is 1-on-1 coaching customized to meet your particular goals. If you have specific injuries, competitive goals or limitations in any way, our coaches are matched with your needs to guide you to the best results you deserve.


ATHLETE Prep COURSE $199$139


This 3 session course is designed to familiarize you with the fundamental mechanics and movements needed to advance into our Outdoor Athlete Program. If you are an experienced athlete this course is still excellent, however in your assessment, it's possible we may graduate you directly into the 

Outdoor Athlete Program.

Outdoor Athlete Program 


This is our premier small group program designed to get you a stronger, faster, and leaner to better navigate your outdoor lifestyle. Our programming is designed carefully, considering the seasons activities, injury prevention, movement quality, strength foundation and continued skill development. Our Athlete Prep Course is mandatory in most cases to prepare for this 2-3 day week program. 10 people per class max suggests a pre-registration for your chosen class times.

Little Strength Club $65/mo

This program focuses on fitness fun, movement quality, and strength for kids 8-12 years of age. All 3 qualities of coaching are extremely important us to insure a better and more fit future for our little athletes.  2x/week, 12 kid max.

Custom Program Starting at $99

We will craft you a specific 90 day program and walk you through each movement in a 90 min session so that you may digest and understand the movements to be executed. This is usually based on gym, travel or schedule limitations, however we do this also for athletes needing a very specific progression. 

Warrior $79/mo

You’ll be granted 24 hour access to our Open Gym times (check web schedule) to execute your custom program during Open Gym hours. This requires however an agreement of facility policies and an approved program that fits the capability of our facilities tools, space and etiquette.

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