The Gym



We’ve been to many gyms and enjoyed training in all of them…yes even the big boxes. But the enjoyment never lasted. So we set out to establish some characteristics that would make our gym inspiring and the experience sustainable. Here they are-

SPACE– We like space to move! A space devoured with clunky machines ruins opportunity to train functionally and get strong. We have 1500 sq ft of space with neatly organized racks, weights and tools to get you fit, leaving a large open floor for freedom of movement. We have a cargo door that opens up for our use of outdoor space as well. IMPORTANT!: we also provide OPEN GYM times where you can come in (via code) and train on your own or with a friend.

QUALITY– Our equipment, our products, our programming, and our coaching is all met with extensive scrutiny and always assessed for potential improvement. We believe this alone holds us in high regard as one of the best boutique training facilities in the country.

PEOPLE– From our coaching staff to our members, Ridgeline prides itself on being comprised of good people, that are friendly, here to help each other and push the envelope. It’s all about controlled growth in a sustainable setting, and it is the people here that make that possible.

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