Adam is a certified Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapist with a specialization in body alignment and movement therapy. He is a Level 1 Check Institute strength coach, USA Olympic Weightlifting coach, and a specialist in advanced lifestyle nutrition and bio-dynamic gardening as well as being a sacred urban bee-keeper and meadmaker. He thrives on hunting, archery, climbing and high mountain endurance hikes.




Patrick is a Crossfit Level 2 Coach, with 15+ years experience as functional strength coach and movement specialist. After pioneering 2 other gyms and working with some of the most talented coaches in their field, he joined forces aside Adam with aim to revolutionize outdoor athlete training systems. He has also helped many of people in the areas of nutrition and behavioral health lifestyle. He has a special interest in martial arts, mountain biking and high mountain adventures. Patrick loves working to exhaustion with friends, then celebrating life with them afterwards!




Tim completed both his BS and MS in Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri, writing a thesis on the effects of strength and plyometric training on bone density.

He has worked in a wide variety of venues including D-1 athletics, cardiac rehab, and private training. He is recognized by the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and by USA Weightlifting as a level 1 Club Coach. Tim is a brew master, that loves getting under the bar and hiking towards the sun with his 2 girls.


Jemmi D'Amico


Jemmi is a Crossfit Level 1 Coach, USA Gymnastics certified, USA Olympic Weightlifting coach, Yoga RYT certified, and is Subtle Muscle Testing (SMT) trained. She received her BA in Psychology at CMU and loves to help people unlock their mental potential through physical exercise. She has a special interest in nutrition has a passion that drives her to guide others through their journey of self growth. She is the developer of Yogility, a Yoga/Mobility blend to help athletes unlock their intrinsic  power, making the pair with Ridgeline's program a synergistic recipe for the intelligent athlete. Her 5+ years as a manager and coach at a Crossfit affiliate gives her the maturity to deal with all types of clientele from the injured, to the elite. She is proud to be a born and raised Colorado girl with a husband she trains with, and 2 beautiful girls.

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